Tips To Avoid Estate Agent’s Unprofessionalism

In every field of work, there are some unprofessional people you just cannot avoid easily. On one hand, there are more reliable estate agents who can help you get more profits, and on the other there are others who are just unprofessional. The very first gimmick of a real estate agent is “I have a buyer who is interested in your home”. This is a common trick used by estate agents to get in with the potential buyers. Keep in mind if the estate agent has got a buyer he will be ready with an offer. If he is just giving a statement that I have a buyer means he is trying to get your attention, nothing else.
A real estate agent should be ready with a diverse market plan for you. An estate agent must be ready to market your home at the most competitive price and get potential buyers for it. The second gimmick is “Though this is a good property as per your choice, it is not going to last for long”. Keep in mind a good real estate agent does not sell houses, and they only help buyers to find the best deal of their choice. Never get persuaded by the pressure imposed by your real estate agent regarding a particular property. If he is pressurizing for a particular property, there is something up for sure.
Third gimmick is “I’ll buy your house if it doesn’t sell”. Real estate agents offering to buy an unsold property help them attract more clients. The fourth gimmick is “Set this price, and there will be a bidding war”. This happens when buyers become competitive with one another, and there are lots of bids for a property. Anyhow, forget the gimmicks. Whether you are buying or selling both involves a great sum of money. Be wise while choosing a real estate agent for any property.

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